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Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment

One of the products of PT Sree International Indonesia is hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), the oxidizing chemicals, which are widely used as a bleaching agent (bleach) for pulp, paper, textiles, wood and rattan, for de-inking process waste paper, materials for materials Other chemicals (detergents, epoxy, etc.), for metal etching in the electronics industry, disinfectant in the packaging process, water treatment and others.

Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical that is environment-friendly, because it does not produce harmful residues in the environment when used. Hydrogen peroxide will only break down into water (H2O) and oxygen (O2) when used. Hydrogen peroxide treatment is relatively simple. However, in the high concentration, it needs a special treatment. Otherwise, oxydation could be happened.

Preservation and natural beauty should not be disturbed by various interests in the welfare of mankind. We recommend to use Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2).


Hydrogen peroxide is produced by reacting hydrogen gas with the working solution through the hydrogenation process. Working solution hydrogenated and then oxidized with oxygen to produce hydrogen peroxide. A mixture of hydrogen peroxide and working solution is then separated by means of extraction with water, purified and concentrated by distillation.


Product hydrogen peroxide is hydrogen peroxide stabilized. However, there are some important things that must be considered with regard to the procedures for the storage of hydrogen peroxide is

  1. Material used as material for packaging, tanks, pipes, pumps, valves, fittings, gaskets and hoses must be compatible with hydrogen peroxide and not causing decomposition reaction of hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen.
  2. The following table is a standard specification of facilities used for the handling and storage of hydrogen peroxide product.


  1. Before it can be used, tanks and piping made of stainless steel should first be chemical cleaning.
  2. Ensure that the storage of hydrogen peroxide to be used already in a clean state. When in doubt, wash with purified water to clean.
  3. All storage of hydrogen peroxide must be equipped with a means of venting, which serves to prevent over-pressure.
  4. The tank must be equipped with a means of venting, temperature indicator, level indicators, man hole, nozzle to enter demin water (purified water) and drain valve.
  5. Avoid hydrogen peroxide from direct sunlight. Store product in a cool tube.
  6. If the product is stored in an enclosed space, ensure that there is good ventilation system and sufficient in it.
  7. Storage areas must always be closed (except means of venting), to avoid the entry of contaminants (dust, catalysts, etc.).
  8. Keep in hydrogen peroxide storage area well from dust, catalysts and other contaminants.
  9. Avoid hydrogen peroxide trapped in the pipeline between the two valves.
  10. Avoid storing hydrogen peroxide with other chemicals, especially organic chemicals and flammable materials.

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