Top Chemicals We Use in Everyday Life

What is the Importance of Chemical Products in Everyday Life?

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We’re surrounded by chemistry in everyday life. Chemistry has influenced our life so much that we do not even realize that we come across chemicals at every moment; that we ourselves are beautiful chemical creations and that all our activities are controlled by chemicals. The principles of chemistry have been used for the benefit of mankind like the foods we eat have to do with chemistry. They consist of organic compounds like carbohydrates-starch and sugar, protein, and lipids. When you eat foods, hydrolysis or digestion occurs in the alimentary canal. This is a series of chemical reactions using enzymes, to change complex chemicals in food to end products that can be absorbed by the body’s cells.

The caffeine in the coffee and tea we drink affects our mood and keeps us awake. These are all chemicals through a chemical change, which is why cooked food often tastes different from raw food. Again, chemical reactions are important to everyday life. The drugs people use are all extracted from plants or synthesized in laboratory chemistry. Soaps, detergents, and household cleaners are all chemicals made in a lab. The art of cooking is a chemical reaction. Once the food is cooked, it is never the same! A piece of bread vs. toast, or a raw piece of steak, vs. a cooked steak. The makeup and anti-wrinkle creams, the sunscreen, and all chemical products devised in labs and sold on the marketplace. Our understanding of chemistry gives us the technology to add vitamins to food. Vitamin water and vitamin-fortified cereal are both examples of chemistry in food.

Hence, it is vital to use good quality and high-level chemicals in every use. A slight impurity can result in disastrous consequences. Chemtrade Asia is a reliable chemical supplier company rooted in Indonesia. It is known for its quality products and services. It offers a wide range of chemical products; both for household, daily uses as well as industries. Because of its consistency in meeting the needs of consumers, Chemtrade is the Top chemical company in Indonesia. It caters to the needs of everyday users of consumers which involves chemicals like Baking powder, Soap, Detergent, Toothpaste, Salt, Vinegar, Graphite, Alcohol, Bleaching Powder, Sugar, Caustic soda, and so on. Chemtrade handles the supply of all such daily chemical products as well as industrial-grade chemicals.

Apart from this, Chemtrade also handles the supplies of industrial-grade chemical products. It caters to the needs of industries ranging from paint industries, detergent industries, food industries, textile industries, paper industries, surplus industries, pine industries, palm industries, leather industries, effluent treatment industries, phosphorus industries, and feed additives industries. Increasing its customer base and gaining the customers’ trust has resulted in Chemtrade being the leading chemical supplier in Indonesia as well as internationally.