Pulp and paper manufacturing

Major Chemical Used in Pulp and Paper Industry

There are four types used in the manufacture of pulp-paper. The first is water and the rest are chemicals that have different role. Not all chemicals are used at the same time but it depends on the type of paper being produced

Auxiliaries are as follows:

  1. Water, necessary as a solvent and washers. Water is needed in papermaking.
  2. Bleaching agent, it is necessary to make the paper into a clean white paper because the raw materials are colorless.The bleaching agents are:
  3. Material wood shredder, it is necessary to destroy the timber is not in a mechanical way, but material chemical reaction. The crusher material is acid, such as sulphuric acid.
  4. Dye agent, is necessary if you want to create colored paper. Sodium Silicate can be used fr this purpose

Caustic soda, polyacrylimide is added to increase the pH in the pulping process of fibers. The higher pH of the paper-fiber solution causes the fibers to smoothen and swell, which is important for the grinding process of the fibers.

Supplementary material

There are two kinds of complementary materials used in the paper industry. These materials are:

Fillers, materials for closing the hole-lubnag smooth on the surface of the paper. So that the paper is flat and smooth. Among these materials are:

the adhesive material, the material to bind cellulose fibers or wood that is strong and sturdy including:

Sizing agent

Most paper types must have some water-resistance to maintain a specific writing quality and/or printability. Until 1980 the typical manner of adding this resistance was by using arosin in combination with alum (alumunium sulphate). PT Sree International Indonesia, Group of Chemtradeasia, has been providing alumunium Sulphate in some various types. Liquid type, solid type, coral type, granular type and powder type. Sizing agent that can be used are as follow:

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