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Uses of Borax Decahydrate in Various Industries

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Borax Decahydrate Overview

Borax decahydrate, the purified form of naturally occurring sodium borate, consists of boric oxide (B2O3), sodium oxide, and water. It manifests as a mild, crystalline, white salt, renowned for its exceptional buffering and fluxing attributes. Available in either powder or granular form, borax decahydrate proves to be a crucial multifunctional source of B2O3, especially beneficial in processes that require the simultaneous presence of sodium.

Distinctive Characteristics

1. Stability

Under standard storage conditions, borax decahydrate maintains chemical stability. However, slight water vapor pressure, intensified by warmer temperatures, may lead to crystallization and subsequent caking at particle contact points. To preserve its integrity, care must be taken during storage to avoid wide fluctuations in temperature and humidity while ensuring the packaging remains undamaged.

2. Buffering Action

When dissolved in water, borax decahydrate undergoes hydrolysis, resulting in a mildly alkaline solution. This property enables it to neutralize acids and form compounds with strong alkalis, presenting itself as an excellent buffering agent due to the constant pH it maintains in solutions.

Applications in Industries

1. Soap and Detergents

In the realm of cleaning products, This compound serves as a pH buffering agent, aiding in oil emulsification and acting as a gentle abrasive. Its inclusion in powdered hand soaps effectively removes medium to heavy soils encountered in industrial operations while being gentle on the skin. It is also a valuable additive in formulations for cleaning hard surfaces such as metals, glass, and ceramics, as well as in hand cleaners, polishes, waxes, and various industrial cleaning compounds. Additionally, borax decahydrate plays a crucial role in laundry detergents, facilitating the removal of oily soils, imparting alkalinity, pH buffering, and softening the wash water, and stabilizing enzymes.

2. Personal Care Products

Borax decahydrate extends its influence into cosmetics, toiletries, and pharmaceuticals. Its application in contact lens solutions as a gentle cleaner and buffering agent showcases its versatility. Moreover, it acts as a crosslinking agent in personal care formulations, enhancing the emulsification of waxes and paraffins used as bases for lotions, creams, and ointments.

3. Metallurgical Fluxes

In metallurgy, borax decahydrate’s ability to dissolve metal oxides is harnessed for the recovery of metals such as brass, copper, lead, and zinc from scrap or smelting slag. It is also employed as a cover flux in ferrous metallurgy to prevent oxidation at the surface of molten ingots. In welding, brazing, and soldering, This compound acts as a protective layer, excluding air and preventing oxidation, while also serving as a solvent and cleaning agent.

4. Ceramic Industry

Integral to the ceramic industry for centuries, borax decahydrate plays a vital role in ceramic glazes and porcelain enamels. Its inclusion aids in initiating glass formation, reducing glass viscosity, and enhancing mechanical durability and resistance to chemicals. It contributes to achieving a smooth surface, reducing thermal expansion, and improving the fit between the glaze and the item it covers. This compound also elevates product luster and aids in dissolving coloring agents.

The Significance of High-Quality Borax Decahydrate

Acquiring high-quality borax decahydrate proves to be invaluable for various industries. Lower-quality borates often contain impurities and deliver inconsistent percentages of boric oxide (B2O3), raising the risk of defects. Investing in high-quality borax decahydrate ensures compliance with customer and industry standards, reducing the likelihood of costly scrap and rework. Tradeasia is a reliable source providing high-quality borax decahydrate tailored to meet the specific needs of diverse industries. Our team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect deal that meets your needs and budget. Don’t wait any longer, contact us now and get the best deal today!


As industries evolve, Borax Decahydrate is anticipated to play an increasingly vital role. Ongoing research may uncover new applications, further enhancing our understanding of this versatile mineral. With its stability, buffering capabilities, and diverse applications, Borax Decahydrate is poised to maintain its status as an essential component, contributing to the advancement of sustainable and efficient industrial practices.