What is Soda Ash Dense?

Soda ash dense is that the industrial name of anhydrous washing soda. washing soda decahydrate appears as a colorless, transparent crystalline compound which is commercially referred to as soda or sodium carbonate. Sodium carbonate is produced by the ammonia soda method (Solvay process) using ammonia and CO2 to treat common salt

Soda ash dense is an excellent quality product that consolidates a reliably high sodium carbonate content with very low debasement levels of chlorides and iron. Soda ash dense by Tradeasia International is guaranteed to be above 90% purity, however, has a typical purity level of 99.8%, bringing about more items when compared with a lower measure assay soda ash.

Key advantages of soda ash dense include:

Particle Size Uniformity

Soda ash dense is closely and consistently matched to sand grain size resulting in a homogenous sand/soda ash mix in the glass furnace. This provides inevitable, governable viscosity resulting in a final glass product that’s free from distortion.

Fewer problems with Soda Ash Fines

Because 97% of soda ash dense particles are 75 microns or larger, users can get pleasure from a lot of uniform sand/soda ash mix. This really saves money since fewer soda ash fines are going to be blown off and lost throughout production. In addition, chamber life could also be extended since liquid soda ash particles, that dissolve refractories, are reduced within the gas stream. Finally, the narrow distribution of particle sizes, combined with low fines, leads to less dusting and easier handling of the product.

Lower Chloride and Iron Levels

Chloride impurities in soda ash are harmful to the environment and to the life span of the molds and furnaces involved in glass manufacturing. The low chloride values of soda ash dense result in less air pollution. Additionally, by manufacturing lower exhaust temperatures during glass manufacture, chamber and mold life is extended. Soda ash dense also has relatively low levels of iron. This enables glass manufacturers to utilize cheaper, high iron sands while continuing to produce a glass that meets their standards for clarity.

Applications of Soda Ash Dense