Sulphuric Acid Chemical in Bottles

Which Chemical is Called the King of Chemicals?

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Chemistry and its aspects have become a vital part of human life. We use chemicals on an everyday basis. Chemistry has such great importance that it is taught at a basic level to every student worldwide. Even though there’s a vast ocean of knowledge on these chemicals, lying open for the explorers, there are a few chemicals whose properties and unique nature of reaction have been quite fascinating. One such chemical is sulphuric acid. It is involved, one way or the other in the manufacturing of almost everything. It holds such great importance in itself, that the production of sulphuric acid is considered as a measure of how industrially advanced a country actually is. This was the main reason why sulphuric acid was crowned as ‘the king of chemicals. Another reason is that sulphuric acid (H2SO4) is highly reactive and corrosive in nature. It has the capacity of melting a large number of metals.

The major amount of sulphuric acid (around 60%) is mixed with phosphate rock crush to obtain phosphoric acid. This acid has two major uses. It is used as phosphate fertilizer and in the manufacturing of detergents (sodium triphosphate). Apart from this sulphuric acid is also used to clean up rust from steel rolls. These optimized steel rolls are used as raw materials for automobiles as well as household appliances. Sulphuric acid is also used to obtain high-octane petrol which is known for its efficient burning. High-octane petrol is derived from the refining of petroleum. Most importantly, sulphuric acid is fundamental to our car batteries. The lead-acid batteries which run our cars majorly consist of sulphuric acid. It is used to make practically everything! By excelling in their understanding of the need for sulphuric acid and excelling in their service supplies, Chemtrade Asia stands to be Indonesia’s best chemical supplier. Chemtrade Asia was set up with the main goal of carrying out the distribution services of chemical products to these commodity industries.

Chemtrade has been able to satisfy these requirements and has stood up to be the leading chemical supplier in Indonesia. Chemtrade has a wide range of chemicals that cover all industries ranging from paint industries, detergent industries, food industries, textile industries, paper industries, surplus industries, pine industries, palm industries, leather industries, effluent treatment industries, phosphorus industries, and feed additives industries. Chemtrade aims at supplying the best quality, industrial grade, and pure chemical products. It has been able to capture a significantly high customer base when compared to similar chemical-supplying companies in Indonesia. Not only that, but Chemtrade has also been able to get a hold of the international market with the same ease. Contributing majorly to the GDP increase through chemical exports, Chemtrade has earned a reputation for itself.