What is Caustic Soda Flakes Used For?

Caustic soda is considered as an alkali. It falls under the category of versatile alkali. It has both industrial and everyday uses and is considered as one of the most essential chemicals for humans. Caustic soda is available and easily transported in the form of caustic soda flakes which make it easy to use as well. The caustic soda flakes re-obtained by evaporating caustic soda A grade liquid. Caustic soda flakes are white in color and show hygroscopic properties. It is highly soluble in water as well as alcohol.

Caustic soda uses range from catalysts to water treatment. Its main uses are in the production of pulp and paper, soap and detergents, petroleum products, and chemical manufacturing. Its other applications involve water treatment, metal processing, foods, textiles as well as glass making. Alumina is produced from the chemical processes performed on bauxite. This is one of the major end-use of caustic soda. This end-use tracks the GDP growth. It so happened that the demand has grown faster than GDP levels because of the risen levels of aluminum use. Caustic soda flakes with a purity of 98-99% are the only viable form of sodium hydroxide to be used as a raw material in various industries.

One of the main caustic soda uses is in the detergent industry. They use it for the making of soaps. Caustic soda is used as a bleaching agent in the paper and pulp industry to de-ink the paper. It is also used as a water treatment agent in paper and pulp production. The textile factories use caustic soda flakes as a dyeing process of synthetic fibers. Apart from all this, caustic soda is used in water treatment, ceramic making, alcohol synthesis, leather production, cotton making as well as in oil drilling. Caustic soda is also used to neutralize acids in battery production.

Tradeasia International stands to be the best caustic soda flakes suppliers in Indonesia and expanding to other countries in Asia, Africa, South, and North America. Caustic soda flakes are usually transported in polypropylene bags or special soft containers which are designed exclusively for caustic soda flakes transportation. It plays a major role in the manufacturing of a wide variety of chemicals. The supply of caustic soda is highly altered by the chlorine derivatives markets. This is because caustic soda is co-produced with chlorine. But since these two products have varied uses and thus varied demands, there is always trouble while balancing the demand on Chlor-alkali plants.