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Plastic and Rubbers


     The manufacture of plastic and rubber products is an industry which mostly creates intermediate items. Along with the manufacturing industry, which mostly consists of the sectors of construction, agriculture, durable consumer goods, automotive, and electronics, this sector is a significant contributor of items to the service industry, such as packaging materials.

Plastic materials and raw rubber are processed to manufacture products, such as the production of footwear and furniture. Although plastics are increasingly being used as a rubber replacement, plastics and rubber are mixed in the same subsector; nonetheless, the subsector is generally limited to the manufacturing of items composed of only one material, either entirely plastics or entirely rubber.

Plastic and rubber are both formed from the same polymer families. A polymer is a long chain of molecules that have been linked together. A polymer is a rubber that is composed of multiple or more monomers in the rubber industry. SBR, or Styrene Butadiene Rubber, is a polymer made from monomers Styrene and Butadiene. They're polymerized (chemically reacted) to make Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR), which isn't the same as two basic monomers from which it was created.

Rubber is a generic term for a group of polymers that are all elastomers. That is, after being stretched or distorted, they return to their original shape. Polyisoprene, or natural rubber from the sap of hevea trees in Central America, is a well-known natural rubber polymer.

The Plastic and Rubber Products Manufacturing Industry is becoming increasingly significant in the manufacturing industry and the national economy in general in terms of production.

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