Octyl Alcohol


:   Octan-1-ol

Cas Number

:   111-87-5

HS Code

:   2905.16.90




Basic Info

Appearance Name

:   Colorless, Clear, Oily Liquid

Common Names

:   1-octanol, Octan-1-ol, octanol, N-octanol


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Technical Document

Brief Overview

Octyl alcohol is a colorless oily liquid with a chemical formula of C­8H18O. The structure of octyl alcohol is a long chain of methyl groups with a hydroxyl group at position 1. The compound has a fresh aromatic orange rose scent. The vapor of octyl alcohol is denser than air and acts as an irritant. It can be made by reducing some caprylic acid esters such as methyl caprylate with sodium ethoxide.

Manufacturing Process

Octyl alcohol is found in essential oils such as orange, grapefruit, sweet orange, green tea, violet leaves, and others in the free state or as acetate, butyrate, and isovalerate esters. Octanol can be obtained in industrial production by reducing octyl aldehyde or esterifying octanoic acid in coconut oil. Octyl alcohol can also be synthesized using carbonyl synthesis and heptene-1 as the starting material. At 150-170 °C and high pressures of 20-30 MPa, heptene, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen can react to produce aldehyde in the presence of cobalt salt. Following cobalt removal, the aforementioned aldehyde is converted into primary alcohol via pressurized hydrogenation with a nickel catalyst. This method's manufacturing technology has matured in other countries.It is also commercially produced through sodium reduction or high-pressure catalytic hydrogenation of naturally occurring caprylic acid esters or oligomerization of ethylene using aluminum alkyl technology.


Chemical Industry

Octyl alcohol is involved in the synthesis of ethoxylates, alkyl sulfates, and ether sulfates in the chemical industry. It is used as a solvent for paints, varnishes, waxes, and surface coatings, and is mainly used as a pesticide to control the overgrowth of tobacco plants. Octyl alcohol is mainly used in the production of plasticizers, extracts, and stabilizers, and is also used as an intermediate in solvents and seasonings.

Food Industry

Octyl alcohol is used as a precursor to making the esters used in flavors. It is also used as a food additive.

Personal Care Industry

Octyl alcohol is used as a precursor to making the esters used in perfumes. It is used as an antifoaming agent and emulsifier for rust-preventive emulsions. Octyl alcohol can be used as a raw material for perfumes, octyl aldehydes, octanol, and their esters. It can also be used as a solvent, defoamer, and lubricating oil additive. It is also used as an antifoaming agent.

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