Pine oil 22%


:   C10H17OH

Cas Number

:   8002-09-03

HS Code

:   3805.90.00


Basic Info

Appearance Name

:   Clear Liquid

Common Names

:   Pine oil 22%



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Technical Document

About Pine Oil 22%

Pine oil, essential oil consisting of a colourless to light amber liquid of characteristic odour obtained from pine trees, or a synthetic oil similar in aroma and other properties. Pine oil is used as a solvent for gums, resins, and other substances.

Manufacturing Process

Pitch-soaked wood of the pine tree, principally Pinus palustris and other certain species of the family Pinaceae, is subjected to steam distillation, solvent extraction followed by steam distillation, or alternatively, destructive distillation to obtain pine oil, which boils at 190 - 225°C (for Pine Oil 85%) . A variety of similar pine oils are obtained via steam distillation of cones and needles of various species of pines or by extraction from stumps, using solvents. Synthetic pine oil is produced by the conversion of terpene hydrocarbons into terpene alcohols.


Pine oil is a phenolic disinfectant that is mildly antiseptic. It is generally effective against numerous bacterial strains and enveloped viruses.


Pine oil is used as fragrances in consumer products such as perfumes, shower gels, shampoos, soaps, candles and laundry detergents. Herbicide  Pine oil is an effective herbicide that is able to modify the waxy cuticle of plants, resulting in desiccation.


Pine oil has several health benefits and is considered one of the most useful essential oils. It is commonly used to relief inflammation and pain arising from various health issues such as rheumatism, arthritis, gout, muscular aches. It helps reduce skin problems and can help in cases of bronchitis, scabies and lice and excessive perspiration.

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