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Lauryl Alcohol

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  • Dodecan-1-ol
  • 2905.17.00
  • C12H26O
  • Colorless soft solid
  • 112-53-8
  • Dodecanol;1-Dodecanol;Dodecyl Alcohol;Lauryl Alcohol;1-Hydroxydodecane;1-Dodecyl Alcohol;Lauric Alcohol;n-Dodecan-1-ol;n-Dodecyl Alcohol
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Lauryl alcohol is organic tasteless, colourless solid with a floral smell. It is classified as a fatty alcohol. It is used to make surfactants, lubricating oils, pharmaceuticals, in the formation of monolithic polymers and as a flavor enhancing food additive,used as an emollient.It is also the precursor to dodecanal, an important fragrance.It can be obtained from palm kernel or coconut oil fatty acids and methyl esters by hydrogenation.

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Lauryl alcohol is used in chemical formulations for a variety of purposes, including as an emulsion stabilizer, a skin-conditioning emollient, and a viscosity-increasing agent.

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